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Siberian Health LLC (hereinafter the Company, we) has established a Privacy Policy to inform you of the manner in which we collect, use and share information. The controller who processes personal data is SIBIRSKO ZDRAVLJE OGRANAK SIBERIAN HEALTH S.R.O. Terazije 32, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia, e-mail:
Any reference to the words "we" or "us" in this data protection information refers to the mentioned entity.
The Privacy Statement is related to information collected through websites, mobile websites, applications, widgets, and other applications, software or programs that have link to the Privacy Statement (hereinafter referred to as the Website). The Privacy Statement refers to information that the Company collects through other sources unless otherwise specified in this Statement.
By completing the verification or registration process at, you agree to the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, restoration, modification, extraction, use, transfer to third parties (provision, delivery, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of your personal data by the person whose duty is to protect personal data of Siberian Health LLC.


Personal data is information that allows you to be identified. Personal data is:
– first name, last name,
– delivery address,
– town/city,
– zip code,
– mobile or home telephone number (landline),
– e-mail,
– with consent – number of the passport (or another personal document), date of issue of the passport (or another personal document), the authority that issued it,
– with consent – settlement account and bank name
– with consent – date of birth and sex.
Purpose of the personal data processing: activities that comply with the articles in the Acts of the Company – User Agreement, Standards of Cooperation I and II, as well as the terms of purchase, so that we can fulfill legal and regulatory obligations, including in order to carry out our own legitimate interests in the legitimate activities.
We have the ability to view your personal data when you choose to participate in our offers and programs or when you provide it to us in other ways, such as when you register in our system, purchase products, use interactive tools, or otherwise communicate with us via the Website.


We manage the data, i.e., we are the entity that determines the purpose and manner of processing the personal data that we collect. The Company may use your personal data:
– for the purposes for which you provided them to us: primarily to respond to your requests, but also to process them and possibly carry out your requests;
– to send you information that is relevant to our cooperation and our common cases;
– to notify you by mail or e-mail, telephone or text about Company's products, services, programs and offers that may be of interest to you;
– to figure out what you like and can provide you information about products, special offers and promotions that the Company has prepared for you:
– to provide you with the opportunity to use the Website and communicate with other users via the Website;
– for our internal purposes, including data analysis, auditing, creating new products, improving the Website, improving and expanding services to monitor trends in sales, and determining the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
– to provide you a participation in promotions, contests and other similar events (some events of this type have additional rules that contain additional information about the way your personal data is used, we recommend you familiarize yourself with such rules in detail);
– to fulfill your orders or otherwise provide goods and services: for example, for payment, order delivery, when there is a need to contact you in connection on your purchase and when there is a need to provide proper services;
– to give you the ability to send e-mails to people through the message or greeting functions found on the Website. (By using these options, you acknowledge that you have the right to use them and to provide us with your friends' information for these purposes. Information about your friend will be used solely for sending messages and will not be stored in our database.)


As a "data manager", we generally process your personal data within our Company. Depending on the category of personal data, only specialized departments / organizational units have access to your personal data. These units include the departments that are responsible for your digital offers (e.g., web pages) and our IT departments. Based on the role / right of the administration, access to personal data is limited depending on the function and what is necessary for a particular purpose of processing.
To the extent that the law allows, we will be able to transfer your personal data to recipients out of our Company. These external recipients can be:
1) Legal persons within the Company, to whom we will be able to provide personal data for the purpose of internal preservation in data administration;
2) To someone who provides services, on the basis of a special contract with us - provide certain services, which may include the processing of personal data;
3) Private or public organizations, to the extent that we have to provide them with your personal data based on the law that we have to comply with;
4) To the owner of the E-shop and the sellers of the goods in the E-shop, so that it is possible to make a remote purchase through the E-shop or so that the seller of the goods can fulfill your order;
5) To the Consultant (you can read more about the concept of "Consultant" in the Company Acts), only when necessary, so that he/she can contact you and give you information about the products sold in the E-shop and about the content on the Website.
6) To the Consultant you choose as your Mentor (you can read more about the concept of a Mentor in the Company Acts), to the extent necessary to enable them to contact you and provide you with information support, training and Mentoring;
7) To third parties that provide services to the Company and the companies mentioned above, such as Website hosting, data analysis, cash and settlement services, order delivery,
infrastructure provision, IT services, customer service, e-mail services, card operations, auditing, training (third parties will be given your personal data or access to it in order to provide the services described above or on our behalf) including (but not limited to) companies such as KFC-Processing LLC, Russian Post, Serbian Post and other companies whose business is delivery, if we believe it is necessary and appropriate: a) in accordance with current law, including laws that have effect outside the country of your residence; b) to enforce a judgment; c) to comply with the orders of public authorities, including those outside your country of residence; d) to comply with the rules of cooperation that our Company has established; e) to protect our operations or those of associated persons; f) to protect the rights, privacy, security, property of the Company, and persons with whom we are associated, you or others; g) to exercise our rights to pursue all available legal remedies so that we have the opportunity to mitigate potential losses.


Non-personal data is any information that cannot be used to identify you, such as:
– information about the browser;
– information obtained through cookies, pixel tags and other technologies;
– demographic data and other data sent to us by you or our Consultants;
– aggregate data.
The Company and other companies that provide services can receive the above information of different types. Thus, e.g., we may find out:
– your PC type (Windows or Macintosh), screen resolution, operating system version, Internet browser version;
– demographic information, including your location, education, profession, age, gender, as well as other information, such as your hobbies and professional interests if you voluntarily provide them to the Company. Without specifying personal data it does not allow to identify you or others.
Aggregated data
We can combine personal data such that when using the combined information, it would be impossible to identify you or any other person, e.g., when the personal data is used to calculate our Clients' percentage in a particular region. In some cases, the Company may combine Personal and non-personal data (such as information about your location). When it comes to information that combines personal data and that which relates to it, we will comply with the rules on the use of personal data.
Use and provision of non-personal data
Due to the fact that you cannot be identified with non-personal data, we may receive, use and transmit it for any purpose.


Cookies- a file that a web page you visit saves to a user's device (computer, tablet, smartphone).
The Company uses cookies to make it easier and better for visitors to access web pages and the functions they offer. All data that is collected in this way (using cookies) is used to store settings and user activity on web pages. These activities: moving through pages of the website, adding products to the cart, comparing products, browsing products, and similar activities.
We use cookies and other technologies to provide a high level of service, access to detailed information, and to allow you to use the Website at any time. Those who provide services to us are also allowed to use cookies on our Website.
Any user in their web browser will be able to block or delete cookies at any time, but certain functions will no longer be available.
Pixel tags and other technologies. Transparent GIFs are small pictures with a unique name, possessing functions similar to cookies. However, unlike cookies stored on your computer's hard disk, transparent GIFs are hidden tools installed on the website pages. The Company can use transparent GIFs on the Website (also known as web beacons, tracking bugs and pixel tags) to track visitors' activity on the Website and compile statistics on the Website use and speed of response. The Company and outsourcing companies can also use transparent GIFs in email messages of HTML format to track the frequency of responses, assess marketing campaigns and monitor when the Company messages are viewed and sent.
Website analytics. The Company may cooperate with legal entities and individuals who provide services and use technologies described in this part, designed for Website analytics and to observe and understand how visitors use the Website. For example, Google, which provides web analytics services, helps improve Website performance and user interaction. For more information, you can read Google Privacy Policy.
Widgets, applications, and other technologies. If you choose to use technologies (such as widgets) provided by the Company, all your personal data collected through the technologies can become public, for example, via social media, other websites, and platforms where the relevant function can be activated. In addition, some technologies can be identified as viruses and can be transferred to other platforms (for example, your friend or Client can put a widget on his blog that has such data). The Company is not responsible for collecting, using, or distributing personal data and (or) other information that becomes public.
The following cookie is required for the operation of our Website.

The following cookie is required for the operation of our Website Cookie file name Intended purpose
Cart-content This cookie stores data about the visitor's shopping cart.

The following cookies are not essential to the operation of our Website and are primarily used to provide, maintain and improve our services. The Company does not set any of these cookies on your device without your consent.

Cookie file name Intended Purpose
Language This cookie stores data about the default language
POLL_LV_ID_* This cookie shows us that the user has already participated in the survey
QUESTIONNAIRE_LV_ID* This cookie shows us that the user has already filled out the form.
sibvaleo_language_code This cookie stores information about the country that the user prefers.


Methods of IP address identification
IP address of your computer is a number, automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider (ISP).
IP address can be automatically determined and registered in the server log upon Website visiting.
Rules on the use and disclosure of IP address information
The Company can use IP address to compile statistics of the Website use, diagnose server problems, detect fraud cases, manage the Website, and for other purposes. It is also possible to use the IP address and share it with third parties for any purpose for which personal data is used and shared. Please note that we consider IP address, server logs and related data to be non-personal data in all cases except for those stated otherwise in the effective legislation.


Special functions of our Website provide your communication with us and other users. Communication is possible due to the use of blogs, forums, private messages, chats, and special groups. When you use such means of communication, you should be aware that the information you distribute, including your name, location and e-mail address, may be available to all users. We are not responsible for the information that is distributed through the means of communication, and we do not recommend you to provide important personal data (for example, information about your health or your bank card). If you use these means of communication, your personal data may be kept on the Website even after you leave the Website.


We undertake all necessary organizational, technical and administrative issues for the protection of your personal data, which is under our control. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ensure full security when transferring data over the Internet and storing them in the system. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with the Company became unsafe (for example, you suspect that the security of your account in the system is under threat), please, immediately inform the Company about the problem at the specified in "Contact details" address.


If you wish to refuse to receive the information on the company's marketing proposals and/or promotions, send us an email at the address specified in the "Contacts" section.


You may edit personal and other data in the Personal Account of E-shop or in the BackOffice section of the closed Company's website. Your personal data may be deleted at the moment of termination of cooperation with the Company, because the Company cannot fulfill its obligations under the Company Acts: User Agreement, Cooperation Standards I and II, as well as "Terms of Purchase". If despite this, you want to terminate your cooperation with the Company, you can send an email at the address specified in the "Contacts" section, be sure to specify your Registration number. Your request will be processed within 5 working days, after which all your personal data will be deleted, except the cases stipulated by federal legislation.


We will store your personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Application, unless positive law provides for a longer storage period.


This Website is intended for a general audience, but is not intended for underage persons.
Under-aged persons who are at least fourteen (14) years old may use the Company's Website only with the consent and under the supervision of their parents or guardians.


The Company reserves the right to amend or modify this document. The Company can notify users about important amendments and additions via e-mail or publications on the portal. If you use any content on the Company's Website after amendments have been made, you are considered to be familiar with the new terms and conditions of use and the Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy is effective from September 1, 2020.

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