Terms of User Agreement

1. Glossary:

"Siberian Health" - address: suite 36, 3rd floor, 48 Lenin St, Novosibirsk, 630004, Russian Federation, INN 5407953006, KPP 540701001, OGRN 1165476080362, SIBIRSKO ZDRAVLJE OGRANAK SIBERIAN HEALTH S.R.O. 32 Terazije, 11 000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, INN 108057050, OGRN 29505233 (hereinafter the Company)
Website is a service, an Internet website that is located at
http://rs.siberianhealth.com and is owned by the Company.

E-shop is a website owned by the owner of the E-shop, which is located at http://rs.siberianhealth.com, and allows Visitors, i.e. Clients, to:
— get information about the specification of the goods, which the Seller offers to the Clients, the terms of payment and delivery,
— place an order,
— pay an order.
Regarding the goods, the distance selling of which is prohibited or restricted by the regulations of the Republic of Serbia, in the E-shop, the Client shall make and send a request to the Seller's address, which is intended to sell the selected product.

User is a Website visitor, in the status of a Consultant or Privileged Client of the Company.

Visitor is a potential User of the Website, who does not have the status of the User and has no opportunity to view the content on the Website.

Consultant is a User who is registered with the Company, buys products for personal consumption, recommends them to others, informs others about the products, promotes products and acts in accordance with the Company's business policy. Registration as a Consultant can be made on the Website according to the established procedure. If the Consultant's cooperation with the Company is carried out on a permanent basis and his/her activity is aimed at permanent profit-making, he/she has to register the activity as an entrepreneur or LLC, in accordance with the current regulations of the country of his/her citizenship.

Privileged Client is a User who has a Registration number in the Company, buys the Company's products for personal consumption, and can recommend them to other people. A Privileged Client may register on the Company's official website in any way that is provided for in the User Agreement or at the Company's Representative Office.

Client is a User who places Orders via the E-shop (or a person who is appointed as the recipient of the Goods in the Order) and uses the Goods purchased in the E-shop only for personal, family, household, and other needs that are not related to business activities.

Mentor is a Consultant or a Privileged Client, who invited the Candidate (Consultant or Privileged Client) to cooperate with the Company, who also has registered as a Mentor and provides information support to interested persons, who trains them and is engaged in mentoring.

Website Administration is persons authorized by the Company to regulate the use of the Website, to manage its work, and control activities in accordance with the "Terms of Use".

Content is texts, scripts, graphics, images, sounds, videos, logos, hypertext links, audio-visual combinations, interactive functions, and other materials that are published on the Website.

Product is food supplements, nutrition, cosmetics, perfumes, and other product groups with Siberian Health, Siberian Wellness trademarks which promotion is not prohibited or restricted by legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia and which are promoted via the E-shop.

Order is the Client's request, which is properly generated to the given address from the list of Products, which are selected using the catalog of Products, published on the E-shop.

Customer Service is one of the services (Website feedback, hotline), which helps the Clients solve issues related to the Website and E-shop use.

Cookies are a text file that a web page stores on a user's device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Confidential information is information that provides personal identification. Information that access is restricted by its owners in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

Personal account is a section of the website, which is available to the User after verification and which contains the User's personal data.

Account is the Client's personal data, including login and password, which are used to enter the Consultant's and Privileged Customer's Personal account, as well as to enter the E-shop.

Subject / Terms of Use

By using http://rs.siberianhealth.com, you accept these Terms of Use, as well as the legal relationship that arises between the User and the Company, which owns this website. Registration on the mentioned website and acceptance of these Terms of Use shall be considered as a remote conclusion of the agreement within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act.

Part of these Terms of Use is the Company Privacy Policy and the Company Standards I and Standards II.

By accepting these Terms of Use, you irrevocably and unconditionally agree to follow these Terms of Use for the duration of your use of the services. If the User does not agree with any article of the Terms of Use, he/she shall immediately stop using the Website.

Only a person of majority age can be a User, so by accepting these Terms of Use, you confirm that you are of legal age to use the Website. Under-aged persons who are at least fourteen (14) years old may use the Company's Website only with the consent and under the supervision of their parents or guardians.

User is personally responsible for posting Content in all forms and methods available on the Website, including views and reviews of the Products, and he/she is also responsible for the consequences of the postings. By posting the Content, the User grants any Visitor of the Website the right to view the Content.

The Content of the Website, the design and the Website structure, and all parts of the Content are subject to copyright that belongs to the Company under the protected copyright regime of third parties who have transferred the right to use it to the Company. By using the Content, you do not become the owner of any part of the Content that is accessed.

Intellectual property, including all protected marks, logos, text, data, photographs and/or graphics, as well as the full Content available on the Website, is solely the property of the Company or of third parties who have transferred the right to use it to the Company.

You may not reproduce, broadcast to the public, or distribute the Content or any part of the Content from the Website without the prior written permission or written consent of the Company.

Pictures, graphics, audio or video files may not be copied for uploading to other Internet websites or distributed via paper or magnetic media copies without the written permission of the Company.

Amendments to the Terms of Use

Website Administration reserves the right at any time:
— to amend the articles of the Terms of Use,
— to improve, add, amend or discontinue the work of the Website or any part of the Website at any time at its own discretion,
— to amend, update, add, remove, delete, review or otherwise change any part of the Terms of Use in whole or in part at its own discretion at any time if it is necessary.

If the Visitor enters the Website or uses the Website in any way after the Terms of Use have been amended, it means that the Visitor has read and agrees to the amendment.
The entire Website or its parts may be changed at any time.

The Website may be discontinued, due to the Company's business policies, without specific explanation.


The Visitor agrees to provide his/her own access to the Internet and pay the cost of services that are related to this access to be able to use the Website. The Visitor also undertakes to provide him/herself with the necessary equipment to access the Internet.

The Visitor is the person responsible for purchasing, connecting, installing, receiving, using, and maintaining any computer hardware, software, telephone (cable or other) services, and Internet connection services for his/her computer and bears all related costs.

The Visitor is responsible for checking his/her computer and software for viruses and other unwanted software.

The Company is not responsible for the errors, termination, or activity interrupt of the Website, if they are caused by improper use of equipment, the Visitor's computer or software problems, which are related to the use of the Website or some parts of it.

User Registration

The Website Visitor has the right to choose the status of a Privileged Client or Consultant on the Website and fill out the online form, which is located on the Website.

There are two ways to register and become a Privileged Client on the Website:
• making a quick purchase in the E-shop by clicking on the "Place an order " button,
• filling out the online form, which can be found on the Website in the Registration section.

There are two ways to register and become a Consultant on the Website:
• filling out the online form, which can be found on the Website in the Registration section.
• filling out the online form, which is located on the Website in the Privileged Client's Personal account.

The terms of cooperation with the Company are specified in the Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures.

When registering with the Company, the User receives a Registration Number, which is also the Login to the account.

During registration the User will get a Mentor in one of two ways:
- indicate the Mentor's Registration Number on their own,
- choose a Mentor from those who are automatically suggested by the Website.

Rights and liabilities of the User

A verified User has the right to place Orders in the E-shop, leave reviews and comments about products, and engage in any activity in accordance with the functions of the Website.

The User has the right to post Content on the Website in accordance with the statements of the Terms of Use.

The User undertakes:
- not to post the Content that is provocative, rude, offensive, or aggressive, contrary to moral and ethical standards that do not comply with the articles of the positive law of the Republic of Serbia, as well as international standards,
- the Content that may harm the Website and/or the Company, does not comply with the statements that govern the scope of intellectual and third party rights, as well as containing insults or unconstructive criticism of the Company and its employees,
- extremist or pornographic Content,
- the Content that incites national or religious discrimination, calls for the violent overthrow of the government, supports fascism and nationalism.

During registration on the Website in the manner specified in the statements of the Terms of Use (or in any other manner that Acts of the Company imply), the User undertakes to provide true and accurate information. The Company does not require the User to provide additional information and does not verify the User's additional information except for the Consultant's personal data.
During registration as a Consultant, the Company has the right to request a copy of a valid passport or other identity documents.

Copyright applies to all the Content on the Website, including posts or comments. If the Website identifies what the source of the material is, then all downloaded material must specify the author, and if this is impossible, then there should be a copyright sign (с). It is recommended to specify hyperlinks to all materials obtained via the Internet, and if the author declares that they are necessary, it means that they are obligatory. The User undertakes not to attribute authorship of foreign texts and images.

The User is responsible for his/her actions in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia.
In the case of any damages to third parties, other Users, or the Website, the User undertakes to compensate all damages in full.

The User is responsible and bears all costs (including fines, compensation of damages, litigation, and other expenses) if third parties have claims, including (but not limited to) claims relating to the protection of third party intellectual property rights and any obligations related to the Website and to third parties claims, or arise from failure to comply with the Terms of Use as well as other Acts of the Company.

The User undertakes not to disclose to third parties his/her login or Registration number and password, which are specified during registration. If the User has any doubts about the security of his/her account or the suspicion that it is used by third parties without authorization, the User has to immediately notify the Administration of the website, make a request in the Personal account in the "Feedback" section or by e-mail call-centre@sibvaleo.com. The User can change his/her password in the Personal account at any time.

Rights and liabilities of Website Administration

The Company undertakes to store the registration and other information about the User.

The Company undertakes not to transfer registration and other information about the User to third parties, except as required by legal acts of the Republic of Serbia, the Terms of Use, as well as other the Acts of the Company.

The Website Administration is not engaged in the consideration and resolution of disputes and conflicts that arise between Website Users; however, reserves the right to block User's page in the case of motivated complaints about this Website User's misconduct from other Users.

The Company is not responsible for any disclosure by the User of his/her registration data to other Users.

The Website Administration has the right, but not the obligation, to modify the text, photos, reviews and other materials that the User posts on the Website.

The Website Administration has the right to remove any text, photos, comments without notifying the User and explaining the reasons.

The Website Administration does not control whether Users act in accordance with the laws and regulations governing copyright and intellectual property rights, and is not responsible for any illegal actions of the Website User that violate these laws and regulations.

The Website Administration does not make any warranties, expressed publicly or imply the materials that are published on the Website are useful and interesting.

If the User acts contrary to the Terms of Use / other the Acts of the Company, or violates legal acts of the Republic of Serbia, Website Administration has the right to provide information about the registration, IP, address and other User's data to law enforcement bodies and courts (when these bodies in accordance with the laws and regulations require it).

The Website Administration uses information about User's actions in order to provide better Website services.

If the User violates the statements of the Terms of Use, Website Administration has the right to stop or terminate access to the Website and its services and to block the User's page.
The Website Administration has the right to restrict the use of the Website.

The Website Administration has the right to close, stop, change the Website or any of its parts without prior notice to the User.


In case of questions and complaints, the User should contact Customer Service via helpline or feedback form on the Website.

All misunderstandings related to the User Agreement or resulting from this document shall be resolved amicably, through negotiation and in good faith.

If misunderstandings cannot be resolved in this way, the First Basic Court in Belgrade or the Commercial Court in Belgrade, depending on the actual jurisdiction, is involved to resolve disputes.

This document takes effect when the User agrees to its terms and conditions by registering on the Website. Prior to completing the registration process, the User agrees to carefully read all of the statements of this document.

The User voluntarily adds Content to the Website, but undertakes to keep intellectual and any other rights it has in connection with the Content.

By posting Content, the User acknowledges that he/she hereby grants the Company and the Website a royalty-free right to display, reproduce, change, save, display, adapt, publish, translate, and otherwise use the Content or any part of it, without limitation of time or territory.

The User acknowledges that the Company has all rights to the Website as a single entity, including its all components.

By accepting the clauses of the Terms of Use, the User agrees that while publishing:
the Content he/she does not become a co-author of the Website and rejects any claims for the specified authorship in the future,
In the case of posting Content that the User has specifically created for posting on the Website, the User reserves the exclusive right to such Content.

Access to the Website, including its Content, is provided for User, only for personal use and familiarization. Without the prior written consent of the owner, the User has no right to use, reproduce, in any way extend, copy, publicly display, translate, change or use for any other purpose materials from the Website.

The Website Administration and the Company don't bear responsibility for the continuity and safety of the Content posted on the Website.

If the Website Administration or the Company at some point does not require the User to comply with some of the terms of this document, it does not mean that Website Administration or the Company does not have the right to claim their fulfillment later; some measures may be also taken to ensure that the User acted in accordance with the statements of this document.

Upon expiration of this document, the Company reserves all rights to the Content and has no obligation to pay the User for the use of this Content.

None of the statements of this document restricts the right of the Website Administration, the Company or the User to sign a similar agreement with other persons.

The User agrees that disputes will be resolved in accordance with current laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

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