Distance sales contract

Concluded on             in Belgrade between:
1. SIBIRSKO ZDRAVLJE OGRANAK SIBERIAN HEALTH s.r.o., Belgrade, Terazije 32, TIN: 108057050, registration number: 29505233, duly represented by Dragana Orlandic, (hereinafter reffered to as the Seller)
2.                                   from                                   St.,                                   individual citizen number:                                   (hereinafter referred to as: the Buyer)

(collectively hereinafter referred to as the Parties to the Agreement)

Clause 1.
In accordance with the present Agreement, the Seller sells and the Buyer purchases SW products (hereinafter referred to as the Goods).
The Seller undertakes to provide the Buyer with the Goods, the Buyer becomes the owner and undertakes to pay the price of Goods and accept it.
The present Agreement is concluded as a Telemarketing Agreement in accordance with the Commercial Law and Consumer Protection Laws (hereinafter: the Law), because it is concluded online with the use of Internet as the mean of communication.
Clause 2.
The Buyer entering into the present Agreement confirms that the Seller, prior to its conclusion, has provided the following information:
1) general characteristics of the Goods;
2) its legal name, registration number, legal address and telephone number;
3) the sales price or the procedure of its calculation, if such price cannot be determined in advance due to the nature of the goods or service, i.e. the sales price, determined as the total expenses in the billing period, including all additional postage, transport and delivery costs taking into account the possibility of imposing these costs on the Buyer;
4) payment order, terms and conditions of delivery, the procedure for fulfilling other obligations under the Agreement;
5) the order for submitting reclamations to the Seller, with the obligatory determination of the reclamation acceptance place and the Seller's reclamation proceeding method;
6) conditions, term and order of exercising the rights to terminate the Agreement in accordance with its provisions and the Law;
7) expenses associated with the use of remote means of communication for the Agreement conclusion;
8) conditions, term and process of exercising the rights to cancel the Agreement in accordance with the Law;
9) obligation to compensate the Seller for reasonable costs associated with the Agreement termination in accordance with the Law;
10) about the situation when the Buyer cannot exercise his right to terminate the Agreement, i.e. circumstances under which the Buyer loses the right to terminate the Agreement;
11) about the existence of the good business practice standard, which is available at the Seller's website;
12) possibility for out-of-court dispute resolution.
Clause 3.
The Buyer has the right to terminate the present Agreement, for any reason, within 14 days from the moment he received the Goods.
The Parties hereto confirm that the Seller has provided the Buyer with a form for Agreement termination in electronic/written form, and that the Buyer has confirmed the obligation to declare Agreement termination in writing, the Parties confirm that the form includes:
1) name, address, telephone number and e-mail of the Seller;
2) a statement by the Buyer with clear notification to the Seller about the Agreement termination;
3) conclusion date of the agreement to be terminated;
4) date of the goods receipt;
5) agreement termination reasons, including the note that the Buyer is not obliged to indicate them;
6) name, surname and address of the Buyer;
7) the personal signature of the Buyer, if the form is sent by mail;
8) form filling date.
In case of termination, the Buyer undertakes to return the received goods back to the Seller within 14 days from the date of termination notification date without any other Agreement termination obligations, except for the Goods return expenses.
Goods return expenses shall be borne by the Buyer.
The Seller is obliged to return the payment to the Buyer without delay, in the way it was received, unless the Buyer agrees to return the payment in another way.
Clause 4.
With the exception of the Clause 3 of the present Agreement, the Buyer has no rights to terminate the Agreement without serious reasons in the following cases:
1) delivery of goods, which price depends on the financial market changes, that the Seller cannot influence and which may occur during the period of the possible Agreement termination;
2) delivery of the Goods in accordance with the specific requirements of the Buyer or clearly customized;
3) delivery of the Goods with the possibility of quality degeneration or with reduced shelf life;
4) delivery of goods in closed packaging, which cannot be returned due to healthcare or hygiene requirements, and if the packaging was opened after delivery,
5) supply of the Goods that is subject to irreversible mixing with other goods upon delivery due to its inherent properties.
Clause 5.
The Seller is obliged to deliver the Goods to the Buyer within 5 days from the Agreement conclusion date.
Delivery of the Goods shall be organized as follows:                                  
        (By delivery service, Serbian Post or self-pickup)
The delivery destination is determined by the Buyer during the ordering process                                  .
If the order cost is less than 5500.00 RSD, the costs are borne by the buyer, amounting to                                   dinars.
The Goods will be delivered to the Buyer, person authorized/ carrier designated by the Buyer.
Clause 6.
The Buyer undertakes to inspect the Goods immediately upon receipt and check them for compliance with the order, as well as declare the shortcomings detected during the inspection, and in the case of the claims related to the shortcomings detected as the result of inspection, inform about it immediately (no later than within 24 hours).
The Seller shall be liable for hidden defects that Goods had at the moment of the risk passage to the Buyer, for two years from the date of the Goods transfer, taking into account that if such defects were present at the moment of the risk passage to the Buyer, the Seller reserves the right to prove the opposite within the period, not exceeding six months from the Goods receipt.
The moment the risk passage from the Seller to the Buyer, is the moment when the Goods are transferred to the Buyer or to the person authorized by the Buyer for the Goods acceptance on his behalf.
If the Seller has an obligation to transport the Goods to the Buyer, the Seller bears the risk for the duration of the transportation period. In other cases, when the Goods are not handed over directly to the Buyer, the risk shall be deemed passing to the Buyer when the Goods are handed over to the carrier.
In the case of the defects subject to the Seller's responsibility, the relevant legal provisions shall apply to the rights of the Buyer as well as to the rights of the execution procedure unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
Clause 7.
The Buyer undertakes to pay the Seller for the Goods, which are the subject of the present Agreement, a sum in the amount of              dinars.
Clause 8.
The Buyer is responsible for the damage that may occure if he fails to pick up the Goods sent to him by the Seller in accordance with the present Agreement.
Damage is understood as the damage to the Goods, as well as the expenses that the Seller may incur if the Buyer fails to pick-up the goods, such as the Goods storage, repacking and returning costs, etc.
Clause 9.
In case of dispute, the Parties agree to take all the possible efforts to resolve it out of court in accordance with the provisions on consumer disputes, provided for by the Law.
Initiation and execution of an out-of-court dispute resolution procedure does not exclude or affect the exercise of the right to judicial protection, in accordance with applicable law.
Clause 10.
The Agreement is concluded using the means of communication, namely the Seller's Internet site - www.siberianhelath.com, in one original copy, and 3 copies, one for the Buyer, and the rest for the Seller.

The Seller

The Buyer

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